Tasty Tunes [Songs] - Covers


I... Who took the money?
Who took the money away?
I... It's always showtime
Here at the edge of the stage
I, I, I, wake up and wonder
What was the place, what was the name?
We wanna wait, but here we go again

I... takes over slowly
But doesn't last very long
I... no need to worry
Everything's under control
O - U - T but no hard feelings
What do you know? Take you away
We're being taken for a ride again

I got a girlfriend that's better than that
She has the smoke in her eyes
She's coming up, going right through my heart
She's gonna give me surprise
I think it's right, Better than this
I think you can if you like
I got a girlfriend with bows in her hair
And nothing is better than that (is it?)

Down, down in the basement
We hear the sound of machines
I, I, I'm driving in circles
Come to my senses sometimes
Why, why, why, why start it over?
Nothing was lost, everything's free
I don't care how impossible it seems

Somebody calls you but you cannot hear
Get closer to be far away
Only one look and that's all that it takes
Maybe that's all that we need
All that it takes, I'll bet it's right
All it takes, if it's right
I got a girlfriend that's better than that
And she goes wherever she likes (there she goes)

I got a girlfriend that's better than that
Now everyone's getting involved
She's moving up going right through my heart
We might not ever get caught
Going right through (try to stay cool) going through, staying cool
I got a girlfriend she's better than that
And nothing is better than you

I got a girlfriend that's better than this
But you don't remember at all
As we get older and stop making sense
You won't find her waiting long
Stop making sense, stop making sense...stop making sense, making sense
I got a girlfriend she's better than that
And nothing is better than this
(Is it?)



Date: Venue: Location: Event:
07/04/20 Bridge Avenue Saratoga, Wy. Saratoga Days
02/26/20 George's Majestic Lounge Fayetteville, Ar. for Twiddle
02/20/20 Roxian Theatre Pittsburgh, Pa. for Twiddle
02/14/20 Rialto Theatre Bozeman, Mt. with Pillow Talk
01/24/20 10 Mile Music Hall Frisco, Co. Snowstalk Muisc Festival
01/07/20 MSC Divina Miami, Fl. Jam Cruise Music Festival
12/13/19 Rose Music Hall Columbia, Mo. with Grassfed
10/19/19 Top Hat Missoula, Mt. with Milltown Damn
10/13/19 Farm Eureka Springs, Ar. Hillberry Music Festival
10/03/19 Smith's Olde Bar Atlanta, Ga. with Blood On the Harp
09/26/19 Pearl Street Warehouse Washington, Dc. with Two Ton Twig
09/07/19 Pine Creek Lodge Livingston, Mt. with Dusty Pockets
08/08/19 Rancho Del Rio Bond, Co. Yarmonygrass Music Festival
07/05/19 Fox Theatre Boulder, Co. a Celebration of and Benefit for Jeff Austin
07/03/19 Public House Crested Butte, Co. an Evening With
05/24/19 Allegany County Fairgrounds Cumberland, Md. Delfest Music Festival
04/17/19 Otus Supply Ferndale, Mi. with Armchair Boogie
06/24/16 Schuylkill County Fairgrounds Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Mad Summer Meltdown Music Festival
10/24/14 Mint Livingston, Mt. an Evening With