Tasty Tunes [Songs] - Originals (67 Songs)

Song: Album: Notes:
2-4-3 KS
Auggie MD
Black Cat Kitchen Dwellers KS
Bloody Death Kitchen Dwellers KS
Bozeman Bound KS
Brakeup Brakedown TS
Bridgers Kitchen Dwellers KS
Broken Cage Muir Maid TD
Buckle Down Ghost In the Bottle TD
Can't Say What You Want KS
Classic Cucumber KS
Colder Nights Ghost In the Bottle TD
Comet Muir Maid MD
Confessions of a Hobo Instrumental. SS
Covered Bridges Muir Maid SS
Covered Bridges (Reprise) SS
The Crown Ghost In the Bottle JF
Dorian's Gambit Instrumental. JB
Driftwood Muir Maid MD
Drowning (... Again) TD
Ebenezer's Winter Ghost In the Bottle Instrumental. SS
Echo Niner Kitchen Dwellers KS
Farmer's Son Kitchen Dwellers TD
Five Candles Ghost In the Bottle SS
Foundation Muir Maid MD
Funk Tonight KS
Get On Boys KS
Ghost In the Bottle Ghost In the Bottle TD
Guilty Ghost In the Bottle TD
Gypsy Ghost In the Bottle SS
Hell to Sunday Muir Maid TD
Jesus Train KS
Here We Go MD
Laces Tight KS
Last Year Kitchen Dwellers TD
The Living Dread Muir Maid Instrumental. SS/TD
Long Night KS
Mimas and Ida Instrumental. SS
Mississippi Delta Queen Kitchen Dwellers KS
Mountain Ghost In the Bottle SS
Muir Maid Muir Maid JF
Phaedrus Muir Maid MD
The Quail Muir Maid Instrumental. TD
The Quail (Reprise) Instrumental.
Redneck Bastard Kitchen Dwellers KS
Rejuvenation KS
The Sea Song Kitchen Dwellers KS
Seven Devils TD
Shadows Muir Maid SS
Shannon's Cannon KS
Shit, I Dunno KS
S.I.R. Kitchen Dwellers Instrumental. TS
Sit At My Table TS
Smokestack MD
Smuggler Union Kitchen Dwellers KS/SS
Stand At Ease JF
Sundown TD
Sunday Funday Instrumental. SS
Sunday Funday (Reprise) Instrumental. SS
Sunday Scaries Instrumental. SS
Tall Grass KS
This Time Ghost In the Bottle TD
Two Dollar Bill Kitchen Dwellers KS
Two for Tea KS
Visions of More Ghost In the Bottle SS
Wise River SS
Woods Lake Muir Maid SS