Dandy Dwellings [Venues] - Montana



Date: Event:
07/07/2018 with Cycles and Part & Parcel
07/06/2018 with Jauntee
03/22/2018 with Rumpke Mountain Boys
01/16/2018 for Two Tracks
11/01/2017 with Horseshoes and Hand Grenades and Cascade Crescendo
03/21/2015 with Coral Creek
02/25/2015 for Twiddle
01/17/2015 with Hollowtops
10/31/2014 for Head for the Hills
07/10/2014 with Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
05/09/2014 for Pert Near Sandstone
04/04/2014 with Evergreen Grass Band
12/06/2013 for Cure for the Common
11/21/2013 for Head for the Hills; with Pat Hull
09/19/2013 Album Release Party
08/08/2013 for Skyfoot
05/15/2013 for Spirit Family Reunion
04/26/2013 with Flatt Cheddar and Murder Mountain Speedway
02/17/2013 for Black Rose Band
02/15/2013 for Gypsy Lumberjacks
01/24/2013 for Head for the Hills
11/10/2012 with Lil' Smokies
11/09/2012 for Cowboy Elvis and the Moonlight Riders
10/25/2012 for Magic Beans
10/12/2012 for Black Mountain Moan
08/25/2012 for Ted Russ and the Rusty Nails
05/24/2012 an Evening With
04/13/2012 for Flatt Cheddar
04/05/2012 for Fruition
12/16/2011 for Flatt Cheddar
03/12/2011 an Evening With