Tasty Tunes [Songs] - Covers


A little bit ago I turned on country radio
I heard Keith Whitley sing a sweet melody
And it made me think of you and all the wisdom you had too
And everything you ever taught to me
Well it's so pretty to be proud of that lonesome bluegrass sound
And when that banjo rolls I hear you singing sweet
And as you're mimicking the notes of the last guitar solo
You said Damn man well that's just what you need
Well I smiled and I laughed I said how pretty you are sweet Hat
And I sat back and learned out every note
Well it's okay to be alone you learn a lot about your own
It's a no hate zone in turn
When it's time to shut your eyes inside there's light that gives me life
Too blind to see so pure so free
The love you gave to those in need
Well I'm here my friend this love won't end
I'll spread your word no I won't turn back
When time's cut short and all that's left is your sweet love
Hattibagen McRat well your friends miss you man



Date: Venue: Location: Event:
08/11/17 Boulder Theater Boulder, Co. for Twiddle